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Simposium International PPI Dunia 2017 is a prestigious annual event for the Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (OISAA) that has been established since 2008. The Indonesian Students Association in the United Kingdom (PPI UK) has the privilege to host the 9th International Symposium and combine it with its own annual event, Indonesian Scholars International Convention to present the ISIC-SI 2017. This combined event is aimed to provide a medium for Indonesian students to exchange ideas, build a network, and collaborate on personal, academic, and professional level. This year, it will be hosted in a week-long event at the University of Warwick, one of UK renowned centres of academic excellence and creative innovation, inviting 1.500 students and researchers, including student leaders from 51 countries and five top public universities in Indonesia as official delegates to participate in this event.

The theme “Accelerating Indonesia’s National Potential Towards 2030” was chosen because today, Indonesia is experiencing a demographic situation where the working population outnumbers the non-working population. This phenomenon is expected to peak in 2030. Various source including the McKinsey Global Institute has stated thet this will be a demographic boost. It is certain that utilising the phenomena will be a challenge if there is no adequate preparation from the country, most importantly from its own youth. This theme was chosen so that the people of Indonesia will be able to have the opportunity to understand what they can do to prepare themselves and their communities towards 2030, ensuring that Indonesia benefits from the demographic bonus. This theme also brings continuity from the theme of previous OISAA International Symposium, which is: “Strengthening Indonesia’s National Identity”.


Corresponding to the urgency of preparing Indonesian citizen for the demographic bonus 2030 and the grand aim of this ISIC-SI 2017 event, Academic Paper Competition will be conducted to fulfil the objectives. This competition expectedly will be the platform for students and researchers regardless their nationalism to give contribution in shape of ideas and solutions from the academic view for the anticipated demographic phenomenon in Indonesia in 2030. Therefore, the research paper has to be proposed in context of Indonesia development. The main theme of ISIC-SI 2017 “Accelerating Indonesia’s National Potential Towards 2030” is classified into ten specific sub-topics for the Academic Paper Competition given below.

  1. Science, Technology, and Innovation
  2. Infrastructure and Transport Management
  3. Environment and Energy
  4. Health and Well-being
  5. Education
  6. Business and Entrepreneurship
  7. Economic Development
  8. Demographic, Social Changes, and Culture
  9. Gender and Sexuality
  10. Good Governance, Human Rights, and National Security


Abstract Submission Deadline: 17 March 2017

Abstract Acceptance Announcement: 27 March 2017

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 28 April 2017, 23:59 GMT

Full Paper Acceptance Announcement: 27 May 2017

Paper Presenter Registration: 28 May – 18 June 2017

Conference Date: 26 July 2017


All entries must meet the following criteria.

  1. Author Status: Must be students or researchers represent an institution.
  2. Coauthorship: Papers written by more than one student or researcher are permitted. Coauthored or multiple-authored winners will share the specified monetary awards.
  3. Originality: Each paper must be an original analysis and must be the author’s own work. Papers previously published are not eligible.
  4. Content: One paper should be submitted for one theme only.

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