Simposium Internasional Speaker: Khairani Barokka

Simposium Internasional Speaker Announcement

Breakout Session : Journalism, Media and Literature

Khairani Barokka
Artist, Poet, Disability Activist, PhD at Goldsmiths

Khairani Barokka is the author of “Indigenous Species”. She is the writer/performer/producer of a deaf-accessible, solo spoken word/art show, “Eve and Mary Are Having Coffee”. She was recognised in 2014 by UNFPA as one of Indonesia’s “Inspirational Young Leaders Driving Social Change” for raising awareness of disability through inclusive arts. Published internationally in anthologies and journals, She has presented work extensively, in nine countries and is co-editor of HEAT, an anthology of Southeast Asian urban writing She has a PhD at Goldsmiths, as an LPDP Scholar in Visual Cultures.

Attend her session for capturing his thoughts in awakening the future potential of Indonesia towards 2030 from the critical perspective of a writer, activist, and scholar.