Simposium Internasional Speaker: Eka Simanjuntak

Simposium Internasional Speaker Announcement

Breakout Session : Education

Eka Simanjuntak
Managing Director of The Willi Toisuta & Associates

After graduating from university majoring in agribusiness, Eka Simanjuntak pursued his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In 2001, he was appointed to be the Managing Director of The Institute of Good Governance and Regional Development in which in 2004, The Willi Touisuta & Associates was established. It is an education consultancy firm based in Jakarta. In addition to his field of business development, he has also been heavily involved in human resource capacity building, community empowerment, and enterpreneurship. He also has a master’s degree in strategic management from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta.

Attend his session to capture his thoughts in awakening the future potential of Indonesia towards 2030 at Breakout Session Simposium Internasional, 24 July 2017.