Simposium Internasional Speaker: Najeela Shihab

Simposium Internasional Speaker Announcement

Breakout Session : Education

Najeela Shihab
Founder of Sekolah Cikal and

Najelaa Shihab has always been a lifelong learner and supporter of education. She earned her BA and MA both in psychology. with a focus for child and education from the University of Indonesia. She founded Sekolah Cikal in 1999 while taking her masters in psychology. Najelaa placed so much effort to improve education and with that, she founded in 2012, a site that shows educational videos made by teachers as well as students.

Attend her session to capture her thoughts in awakening the future potential of Indonesia towards 2030 at Breakout Session Simposium Internasional, 24 July 2017.