Simposium Internasional Speaker: Nancy Margried

Simposium Internasional Speaker Announcement

Breakout Session : Enterprise & Start-Ups

Nancy Margried
Founder of Batik Fractal, Forbes Top 6 Indonesia Creative Pioneers

Nancy Margried is an award-winning entrepreneur with international product recognition. She is a member of Asia 21 Young Leader Class of 2015 and a winner of Information Society Innovation Fund Award (ISIF Asia) in 2015. She created Batik Fractal and jBatik Software in 2007 in which the two products were established as one of the top Indonesia’s creative innovation. She is a Chevening Scholar and her experiences includes speaking in various prestigious forums such as TED, INKTalks Asia and APEC.

Attend her session to capture her thoughts in awakening the future potential of Indonesia towards 2030 at Breakout Session Simposium Internasional, 24 July 2017.