Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) which initially known as Indonesian Students International Scientific Meeting or Temu Ilmiah Internasional Mahasiswa Indonesia (TIIMI) has been being held annually since 2001. This event is administered by Indonesian students who have the opportunities to study abroad.

ISIC is initiated to provide more extended room for Indonesian students in presenting ideas for overcoming the challenges and promoting innovations. As a matter of fact, ISIC has strengthen its role in those areas and will continue encouraging Indonesian scholars rising their voices in the last 16 years.

The significant increase of the abstract paper submissions throughout the years is mainly due to the growing awareness of Indonesian scholars across the world toward the significant impact achieved in contextualizing ideas into academic papers which encouraging the ISIC team to provide and maintain the annual high quality academic forum to gain acknowledgement.

ISIC 2017 will continue to hold the events collaborating with SI by preserving the commitment to support the academic environment in the whole event.